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3 Best All Terrain Tires for Snow – Conquer Winter Roads With Confidence

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Driving on icy roads can feel like a high-stakes gamble, where the odds aren't in your favor. It's not just about slipping or sliding; it's the constant worry of not making it to your destination safely that can really put a damper on your winter spirits.

As someone who's navigated through many a winter wonderland, I can tell you, the right gear makes all the difference. Luckily, there's light at the end of the snowy tunnel.

All-terrain tires specifically designed for snowy conditions exist and can transform your winter driving from nerve-wracking to effortlessly smooth. Curious about which tires can help you master those icy roads? Keep reading to find out.

Cooper Evolution Winter 225/60R18 100H Tire

all season tire for winter

If you prioritize exceptional deep snow traction and reliable winter grip at a budget-friendly price, the Cooper Evolution Winter 225/60R18 100H Tire is your ideal choice. This winter tire by Cooper offers outstanding performance in variable winter conditions, excelling in deep snow traction and providing stability in challenging terrains. The directional tread pattern enhances acceleration and braking, while the tire's studdable design improves ice traction for added security. Users have praised its great grip and traction in snow and ice, making it a reliable option for various weather conditions. With a quiet ride and enhanced stability, this tire ensures confidence on uphill icy driveways. Experience the Cooper Evolution Winter's excellent control and reliability without breaking the bank.

Best For: Drivers seeking reliable winter traction and stability without compromising on budget.


  • Excellent deep snow traction
  • Reliable winter grip
  • Budget-friendly price


  • Initial slip in rain for some users

Starfire Solarus HT All-Season 245/75R16 111T Tire

starfire solarus ht tire

For those seeking reliable all-season traction and a quiet ride in snow and rain, consider the Starfire Solarus HT All-Season 245/75R16 111T Tire by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. This all-season touring tire, suitable for SUVs, CUVs, and pickups, comes M+S rated for mud and snow conditions, providing peace of mind in various weather scenarios. With a 50,000-mile warranty, you can expect even treadwear and excellent traction throughout its lifespan. Customers have praised its performance in rain and snow, highlighting its quiet ride and balanced handling. Offering a good balance between price and quality, the Starfire Solarus HT tire has garnered positive reviews for its durability and performance on different vehicles, making it a solid choice for your winter driving needs.

Best For: Those looking for a reliable and quiet all-season tire with excellent traction in rain and snow, suitable for SUVs, CUVs, and pickups.


  • Quiet ride with minimal road noise
  • Excellent traction in rain and snow
  • Good balance between price and quality


  • May not perform as well in extreme off-road conditions

Cooper Discoverer True North Winter 225/65R17 102T Tire

winter tire for suv

When traversing snowy terrain, trust the Cooper Discoverer True North Winter 225/65R17 102T Tire for exceptional traction and safety. This tire is designed to provide you with the confidence needed to conquer unpredictable winter weather conditions. With the shortest stopping distance in snow and incredible grip on icy roads, you can rely on the Cooper Discoverer True North to keep you safe on the road.

Not only does it excel in performance, but it also offers a quiet ride, ensuring a comfortable driving experience. This tire is Severe Weather Rated and Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake Certified, guaranteeing its capability to tackle harsh winter conditions. Choose the Cooper Discoverer True North for a reliable winter tire that will enhance your driving experience.

Best For: Those seeking a winter tire with exceptional traction and safety in unpredictable winter weather conditions.


  • Exceptional traction in all weather conditions
  • Shortest stopping distance in snow
  • Incredible grip on icy roads


  • May be pricier compared to other winter tire options

Factors to Consider When Choosing All Terrain Tires for Snow

When selecting all-terrain tires for snow, you should focus on factors like traction, winter performance, and handling in snowy conditions.

Make sure to contemplate the tire's all-terrain capabilities and how well it performs in various snow driving scenarios.

These key points will help you choose the best tires to navigate through winter terrain with confidence.

Traction on Snow

When selecting all-terrain tires for snow, prioritize traction by considering key factors like:

  • Tread pattern design
  • Rubber compound flexibility
  • Tread depth
  • Snowflake certification
  • Self-cleaning features

To enhance traction on snow-covered surfaces, opt for tires with a tread pattern featuring sipes and biting edges. Make sure the rubber compound remains flexible in cold temperatures for better grip on icy and snowy roads.

Deeper tread depth is important for providing adequate traction in deep snow and slushy conditions. Look for tires with a snowflake symbol or three-peak mountain snowflake certification to meet specific snow traction performance standards.

Additionally, self-cleaning tread patterns help prevent snow buildup in tire grooves, maintaining traction in snowy conditions.

Winter Performance

To guarantee top winter performance when selecting all-terrain tires for snow, prioritize features like siping and biting edges for enhanced grip in cold temperatures. Choose tires with a tread designed specifically for winter conditions to guarantee peak traction on snow and ice.

The tire's rubber compound must remain flexible in freezing temperatures to maintain traction on snow-covered roads, enhancing overall safety. Deep tread grooves and an open shoulder design are essential for evacuating slush and snow, reducing the risk of hydroplaning in wintry conditions.

Look for tires displaying a three-peak mountain snowflake symbol, indicating they meet specific snow traction performance requirements for winter driving. Prioritizing these winter performance features will help you conquer snowy roads with confidence.

Handling in Snow

How can you guarantee peak handling in snow when selecting all-terrain tires for snowy conditions?

To ensure maximum performance, choose tires with a tread pattern specifically designed to provide maximum traction and grip on snowy surfaces.

Look for siping in the tread blocks, as these small slits enhance flexibility and improve grip on snow and ice.

Opt for tires with a higher number of biting edges to enhance handling and braking in snowy conditions.

Additionally, selecting tires with a rubber compound that remains pliable in cold temperatures is vital for maintaining traction on snow-covered roads.

A sufficient void ratio in the tire tread is also essential to evacuate snow and slush effectively, preventing slippage and enhancing overall performance in snowy conditions.

All-Terrain Capabilities

Consider the aggressive tread patterns and reinforced sidewalls of all-terrain tires when selecting the best option for snowy conditions. These tires feature large, widely spaced lugs that maintain traction on various surfaces, while siping and biting edges enhance grip on snow and ice for improved braking and acceleration.

The specialized tire compound remains flexible in cold temperatures, enhancing handling and traction in winter conditions. Reinforced sidewalls provide stability and protection against punctures or damage from rough terrain or debris.

Look for the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol on these tires to confirm they meet specific winter performance standards. Choosing all-terrain tires with these capabilities will give you the confidence to conquer snow-covered roads effectively.

Snow Driving Tips

When selecting all-terrain tires for snow, prioritize those bearing the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol to guarantee certified winter performance.

Look for deep treads and siping on the tires to enhance traction on snow and ice.

Consider opting for tires with studdable options for improved grip on icy surfaces.

Choose tires with a directional tread pattern for better acceleration and braking in snowy conditions.

It's also wise to check customer reviews and ratings to gauge real-world performance in snow driving scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use All-Terrain Tires for Snow if I Live in a Region With Mild Winter Conditions?

If you live in a region with mild winters, all-terrain tires can provide good traction on snowy roads. Although not designed specifically for snow, they can offer decent performance in light snow conditions.

Are All-Terrain Tires for Snow Compatible With Vehicles That Have Traction Control Systems?

In snow, all-terrain tires and vehicles with traction control systems are a dynamic duo, enhancing stability and grip. They work together like a symphony, harmonizing to conquer winter roads with confidence.

What Is the Average Lifespan of All-Terrain Tires for Snow Compared to Regular All-Season Tires?

All-terrain tires for snow generally wear out faster than regular all-season tires due to their more rugged design and softer rubber compound. Rotate them regularly and check for proper inflation to maximize their lifespan.

Do All-Terrain Tires for Snow Require Any Specific Maintenance or Care During the Winter Season?

During winter, make sure all-terrain snow tires are properly inflated, regularly checked for wear, and free of debris. Clean them often to maintain traction. Don't forget to rotate them as advised for even wear and best performance.

Are There Any Special Driving Techniques or Tips to Maximize the Performance of All-Terrain Tires for Snow in Icy or Slushy Conditions?

When driving on icy or slushy roads with all-terrain tires for snow, remember to maintain a steady speed, avoid sudden maneuvers, and increase following distance. These techniques will help maximize tire performance and keep you safe on winter roads.