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Best crime manga to buy in 2024

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Manga has a way of transporting us into realms beyond our imagination, crafting stories that tug at our heartstrings or send shivers down our spine. For fans of mystery and suspense, crime manga offers a unique blend of thrilling narratives, complex characters, and mind-bending puzzles that keep readers on the edge of their seats. Whether you’re a seasoned detective in the world of manga or a curious newcomer looking to dive into a tale of intrigue and investigation, we’ve got something special for you. In today’s spotlight, we’re delving into the best crime manga series out there—stories so captivating, you’ll find yourself trying to crack the case alongside their characters. From psychological thrillers to classic whodunnits, these manga series promise to enthrall and entertain, proving why the genre remains a beloved staple for fans around the globe. So grab your magnifying glass and prepare to be immersed in the shadowy corners of the world’s finest crime manga.

1. Overall best crime manga

Best of 2000 AD Volume 2: The Ultimate Mix-Tape for New Generation Readers – Featuring Judge Dredd, Nemesis The Warlock, and More

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The “Best of 2000 AD Volume 2” seems like a treasure trove for comics enthusiasts, especially if you’re either diving into the universe of 2000 AD for the first time or making a grand return after a bit of a break. It’s described as a mix-tape of sorts, pulling together a selection of stories that span the vast universe of the comic. The volume features a new Judge Dredd adventure, alongside modern classics and hidden gems from the archives. Not only does it pull from the works of massive names like Al Ewing, Alan Moore, and Becky Cloonan, but it also includes fresh essays by prominent pop culture writers, adding a layer of commentary and insight to the experience. Whether it’s exploring robot blues on the Red Planet or diving into the gothic resistance saga of “Nemesis The Warlock,” this collection aims to be a perfect entry (or re-entry) point into the world of 2000 AD.

– Offers a curated selection of both modern and classic 2000 AD stories, making it accessible to newcomers and appealing to long-time fans.
– Features work from renowned comic creators, including Al Ewing and Alan Moore, ensuring high-quality storytelling and art.
– Includes not just comics but also essays, adding depth and context to the reading experience.

– As a curated selection, it might miss other significant stories or characters that fans believe should have been included.
– New readers might find the volume overwhelming if they’re not used to the 2000 AD universe’s depth and breadth.