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Best electric tankless water heater to buy in 2024

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In the realm of home improvement and energy efficiency, one appliance that stands out for its ability to provide instant hot water while cutting down on energy bills is the electric tankless water heater. Unlike their bulky tank counterparts, these sleek, compact units heat water on demand, ensuring that you never run out of hot water and simultaneously conserve energy. This introduction explores the best electric tankless water heaters on the market, diving into how they work, their benefits, and what features to look for before making your investment. Whether you’re renovating your home, building a new one, or simply looking to upgrade your hot water system, understanding the perks of going tankless could lead to significant improvements in both your lifestyle and your energy consumption.

1. Overall best electric tankless water heater

Rheem 18kW 240V Advanced Tankless Electric Water Heater for Whole Home – Continuous Hot Water, Energy Efficient, Space Saving, Digital Thermostatic Control with LED Display, Up to 4.4 GPM Flow Rate

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The Rheem 18kW 240V Tankless Electric Water Heater is a compact and efficient solution for providing endless hot water for mid-range whole-home applications, especially suited for single shower setups common in Midwest homes. By leveraging the most advanced self-modulation technology, this unit adjusts its power output to meet the real-time hot water demand, ensuring an optimal balance of energy use and comfort. Its external digital thermostatic control provides precise temperature regulation with a +/-1 degree accuracy, enhancing user experience. The heater is characterized by its durable copper immersion with two heating elements, which are field-serviceable, offering not only reliability but also ease of maintenance. Designed for simple installation with bottom 3/4 inch NPT water connections, the Rheem tankless water heater emphasizes convenience and efficiency. Its compact size, which is 90 percent smaller than traditional tank heaters, allows for flexibility in installation locations, including under sinks. Moreover, the flow rate of up to 4.4 GPM caters to the needs of a typical household, without the inefficiencies associated with maintaining a tank of hot water.

Energy Efficient: Saves up to 50 percent on water heating bills with self-modulating technology.
Space Saving: Compact design frees up space compared to traditional tank water heaters.
Endless Hot Water: Provides a continuous supply of hot water on demand.
Precise Temperature Control: External digital control offers +/-1 degree accuracy.
Easy Installation and Maintenance: Simple bottom NPT water connections and field-serviceable heating elements.

Limited Capacity: May not be sufficient for large households with simultaneous multiple hot water needs.
Region-Specific Suitability: Performance can vary based on inlet ground water temperature, which may limit its effectiveness in certain regions.
Initial Cost: The upfront cost can be higher than traditional tank water heaters, despite long-term savings.