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Best food plot for deer to buy in 2024

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Looking to turn your hunting ground into a deer paradise? It’s all about the food plots! When done right, they not only attract these majestic creatures but also provide them with the nutrition they need to thrive. There’s a wide array of options when it comes to choosing the best food plot for deer, each with its unique advantages. Whether you’re aiming to boost antler growth, support doe and fawn health, or simply see more deer on your property, we’ve got the scoop on the top seed mixes and planting strategies to make your land a deer hotspot. Let’s dive into the world of food plots and discover how to create a deer haven right in your backyard!

1. Overall best food plot for deer

Evolved Harvest Throw & Gro X-treme w/Radish – No-Till, Easy Plant Deer Forage Food Plot Seeds, Protein & Mineral Rich, 5 Lbs, Perfect for Spring & Fall

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The Evolved Habitats Throw & Gro X-treme w/Radish Forage is like a super snack station for deer. It takes the original Throw & Gro formula up a notch with forage radishes, promising a quick and nutrition-packed food source for your local deer population. What’s cool about this product is its no-till quality, meaning you can plant it without any heavy machinery or extensive prep work. This opens up more areas for planting, even those tricky spots you previously couldn’t reach. It’s pretty easy to get started—just spread the seeds over your chosen spot, and you’re good to go. Plus, you can plant it in both spring and fall, making it a versatile option to boost protein levels for the deer when they most need it.

– Adds forage radishes to the mix for extra nutrition.
– No-till formula allows for planting in hard-to-reach areas without the need for disking or heavy machinery.
– Easy to plant; simply spread the seeds over the soil.
– Versatile planting options, suitable for both spring and fall, catering to the herd’s needs across seasons.

– You might need to do some ground prep, like dragging the plot with fencing, to ensure good seed-to-soil contact.
– Requires proper planning and timing for optimal growth and utilization by deer.