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3 Best Intermediate Skis for Your Next Adventure – Top Picks and Reviews

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Finding the right intermediate skis can be a real headache. You're ready to step up your game on the slopes, but the overwhelming options make it hard to choose.

Not only is it frustrating, but the wrong choice can also hold back your progress or, even worse, lead to injury. I've been there, struggling through the sea of options, and I know how daunting it can feel.

But, there's good news. There are skis designed specifically for people like us, looking to transition smoothly to the next level. I've done the legwork and found options that combine design, performance, and versatility, perfectly suited for your next adventure.

Ready to find your perfect match? Let's dive in.

Radar Deep V 15 Diamond Grip Waterski Handle

high performance waterski handle design

For those seeking ultimate performance and effective learning in water skiing, the Radar Deep V 15 Diamond Grip Waterski Handle is the ideal choice. With its 15-inch deep-V suede handle, beginners can succeed in water skiing effortlessly. The super soft and secure handle guarantees a firm grip for effective learning.

The V-Bridle design assists skiers with straight slalom skiing, allowing for flawless starts. Featuring additional components like the 4 V-Bridle, Vinyl Covered Rope, 6 Finger Protectors, and Foam Floats, this handle is designed to enhance your experience on the water. Perfect for practicing deep water starts, this handle prevents tipping over and aids in accelerating from the boat.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your water skiing skills with the Radar Deep V 15 Diamond Grip Waterski Handle.

Best For: Beginners looking to succeed in water skiing effortlessly.


  • Ultimate performance deep water starts facilitated by the Deep-V handle.
  • Super soft and grippy handle for effective learning.
  • V-Bridle design assists skiers with straight slalom skiing.


  • Lack of grip with gloves.

Rossignol EVO XT 55 Positrack Touring Skis w/Tour Step in Bindings 2023

touring skis with bindings

With its versatile performance across various terrains, the Rossignol EVO XT 55 Positrack Touring Skis with Tour Step in Bindings 2023 cater to intermediate skiers seeking reliable control and value on their next winter adventure. These skis feature a sidecut of 55/48/52 at 175 cm length across all sizes, offering a stable and controlled skiing experience. Designed for skiers weighing between 110-155lbs for the 175cm size, these skis provide a perfect balance of maneuverability and stability. The fish scale grip guarantees traction on both tracked and untracked snow, making them ideal for a range of conditions.

Additionally, the twist step-in, twist forward binding design enhances ease of use, while the overall package offers excellent value for intermediate skiers looking to explore different terrains with confidence.

Best For: Intermediate skiers looking for reliable control and value on various terrains.


  • Versatile performance across different snow conditions.
  • Fish scale grip provides traction on both tracked and untracked snow.
  • Twist step-in, twist forward binding design for ease of use.


  • Not recommended for advanced skiers preferring trail skis.

OBrien Performer Combo Waterskis

water skis for performance

Ideal for advancing intermediates, the OBrien Performer Combo Waterskis offer a secure fit and enhanced performance for your next skiing adventure. These skis feature Z-8 bindings that fit US Men 7-13, ensuring a comfortable and stable experience on the water. The fully padded footbed and adjustable laces of the bindings provide added comfort and support for slalom skiing or combo skiing activities.

With a wide forebody for easier deep water starts, these skis are designed to help you progress in your water skiing skills. While some customers have noted minor finish imperfections, the overall feedback highlights the skis' ease of use and comfort, especially for individuals with flat feet. Consider the OBrien Performer Combo Waterskis for a reliable and enjoyable skiing experience.

Best For: Intermediate skiers looking for a reliable and comfortable set of waterskis to advance their skills.


  • Secure fit with Z-8 bindings for stability
  • Adjustable laces and fully padded footbed for comfort
  • Wide forebody for easier deep water starts


  • Some finish imperfections reported by customers

Factors to Consider When Choosing Intermediate Skis

When choosing intermediate skis, remember to take into account various factors for the best fit. Check the ski length to match your skill level, make binding compatibility, and follow proper step-in instructions.

Also, take into account your skill level and utilize online resources for equipment guidance.

Ski Length Selection

Selecting the appropriate ski length for your intermediate level is crucial for enhancing your performance and control on the slopes. When choosing ski length, consider your weight as a primary factor. Maximum maneuverability and stability are achieved when your weight matches the recommended length.

Longer skis provide increased stability at high speeds and in varied terrain, while shorter skis offer easier maneuverability and control. Experienced skiers often prefer longer skis for enhanced performance, whereas beginners may find shorter skis more manageable.

To make sure you select the right length, consult a size guide based on your weight. This will help you determine the ideal ski length that aligns with your skill level and skiing style, ultimately enhancing your skiing experience.

Binding Compatibility Check

To guarantee your intermediate skiing experience is optimized, begin by checking the binding system on your skis for compatibility with your boots to make sure a secure fit.

Match bindings to your skiing style—whether for touring, racing, or all-mountain adventures—to enhance performance. Consider the binding interface type (NNN, SNS, 75mm, or NTN) to make sure it aligns with your boots.

Verify the release settings to match your skill level and skiing style for safe skiing. Seek advice from manufacturers or ski shops to make sure proper binding compatibility for your intermediate skiing needs.

Proper Step-In Instructions

How can you guarantee a seamless and secure step-in experience when selecting intermediate skis? To confirm that the binding mechanism matches your ski boots to prevent accidents, first, validate.

Follow the manufacturer's guidelines step-by-step for proper installation and adjustment of the bindings. Look for visual cues or markings on the bindings to validate correct stepping in.

Adjust the bindings to fit your boot size correctly for a safe and comfortable skiing session. If needed, consult experienced skiers or instructional videos for additional insights on stepping into and securing your bindings effectively.

Skill Level Consideration

Consider your skiing experience and goals carefully when choosing intermediate skis to make sure they align with your skill level and aspirations. Intermediate skis are tailored for skiers who've mastered the basics and seek to tackle more challenging terrains and techniques. These skis strike a balance between stability and performance, aiding skill development without overwhelming the user.

Equipped with features like moderate flex, versatile sidecuts, and responsive materials, they support the shift from beginner to advanced levels seamlessly. Matching the skis to your abilities to guarantee a comfortable progression.

With advanced technology and construction, intermediate skis offer smoother rides and enhanced control, ideal for honing your skills and enjoying your skiing adventures to the fullest.

Online Equipment Resources

When selecting intermediate skis, online equipment resources can be invaluable for guiding your decision-making process and ensuring you find the right gear for your skill level and goals. These resources provide information on ski types, bindings, and sizing tailored for intermediate skiers. You can access size guides, binding compatibility charts, and skill level recommendations online.

Additionally, video tutorials, articles, and forums offer valuable insights to help you make informed decisions about ski equipment. Online reviews and comparisons aid in selecting the best skis for intermediate level skiing, while forums and communities allow you to seek advice, share experiences, and get recommendations on intermediate ski gear. Make the most of these online resources to enhance your skiing experience.

Weight-Based Skiing

To select intermediate skis that cater to your skill level, prioritize weight-based sizing for best performance on the slopes. Unlike downhill skis, cross country skis are typically weight-based to guarantee peak performance. Choosing the right ski length based on your weight not only enhances control and maneuverability but also leads to a more enjoyable skiing experience.

Proper weight-based selection of skis can greatly improve stability, control, and overall skiing efficiency for intermediate skiers. Understanding weight-based sizing guides for skis is essential as it can ultimately enhance your performance and comfort on the snow. By paying attention to weight-based recommendations, you can make informed decisions that will positively impact your skiing adventures.

Rossignol Binding Preference

When selecting intermediate skis, keep in mind that Rossignol bindings are highly favored for their reliability and durability by many skiers. These bindings are known for their one metal bar design, ensuring a secure connection between the boot and the ski. The NNN or NNN-BC binding systems are often recommended with Rossignol skis for best compatibility.

Skiers appreciate the comfortable and secure fit provided by Rossignol bindings, which can enhance the overall skiing experience. Additionally, Rossignol's twist step-in, twist forward binding design is user-friendly, allowing for quick and easy adjustments while on the go.

If you prioritize a binding system that offers a combination of performance, durability, and convenience, Rossignol bindings may be the ideal choice for your next skiing adventure.

NNN Binding Recommendation

Considering intermediate skis for your next adventure, the choice of NNN bindings plays an essential role in making sure compatibility and performance on the slopes.

NNN (New Nordic Norm) bindings are favored for cross-country skiing due to their ability to work with a wide range of ski boots. These bindings feature a single metal bar at the toe of the boot that securely clicks into place, offering efficient power transfer and control.

Their user-friendly design, with easy step-in and out capability, makes them well-suited for beginner to intermediate skiers. The lightweight construction of NNN bindings enhances overall skiing experience and maneuverability on different terrains.

To maximize safety and performance, it's important to make sure proper compatibility between NNN bindings and your ski boots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Radar Deep V 15 Diamond Grip Waterski Handle Be Used for Wakeboarding as Well?

Yes, the Radar Deep V 15 Diamond Grip waterski handle can be used for wakeboarding as well. Its design and features make it suitable for both waterskiing and wakeboarding activities, providing you with versatility on the water.

Are the Rossignol EVO XT 55 Positrack Touring Skis Suitable for Cross-Country Skiing in Backcountry Terrain?

Yes, the Rossignol Evo XT 55 Positrack touring skis are excellent for cross-country skiing in backcountry terrain. With a width of 55mm underfoot, they provide stability and control, making them ideal for exploring varied snow conditions.

What Is the Weight Limit for Using the OBrien Performer Combo Waterskis?

The weight limit for using the O'Brien Performer Combo waterskis is 200 pounds. Make sure to adhere to this limit for safe and best performance on the water. Enjoy your time out there!

Are There Any Specific Maintenance Tips for Prolonging the Lifespan of the Rossignol EVO XT 55 Positrack Touring Skis?

To keep your Rossignol Evo XT 55 Positrack Touring Skis in top shape, remember to regularly wax the bases, store them in a cool, dry place, and inspect for any damage after each use. Proper maintenance guarantees a longer lifespan.

Can the Factors to Consider When Choosing Intermediate Skis Section Provide Advice on Selecting Ski Boots That Complement the Skis Chosen?

When selecting intermediate skis, the factors to contemplate can definitely guide you in choosing ski boots that complement your choice. Make sure your boots match the ski type and your skiing ability for the best experience.