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3 Best Jean Shorts for Thick Thighs That Are Flattering and Comfortable

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Finding the right pair of jean shorts when you have thick thighs feels impossible, doesn't it? It's like every pair either squeezes too tight or looks off. And let's not even start on the discomfort and the constant adjusting.

Trust me, I've been there. But, guess what? There's light at the end of the tunnel. I've found not one, but three jean shorts that are both flattering and comfortable.

Ready to find your perfect pair? Keep reading.

MODARANI Womens Cut Off Denim Jean Shorts Ripped Distressed

womens denim cut off

If you're looking for denim jean shorts that provide comfortable stretch and a flattering fit for thick thighs, the MODARANI Womens Cut Off Denim Jean Shorts Ripped Distressed are a top choice according to satisfied customers. These shorts have received praise for their comfort, with customers highlighting the stretchiness that doesn't feel tight around the thighs. Many users appreciate the lack of muffin top and overall comfort these shorts offer. While some mention that the shorts run a bit big and suggest sizing down, they still find the fit flattering for various body types.

Regarding design, customers mention the stylish distressing and fraying, though some wish for more fraying at the leg hem. Overall, customers express satisfaction with these shorts, praising them for being cute, lightweight, and comfortable.

Best For: Those seeking comfortable and stretchy denim jean shorts that provide a flattering fit for thick thighs.


  • Comfortable and stretchy material
  • Flattering fit for various body types
  • Stylish distressing and design


  • Some customers may find the shorts run a bit big

SweatyRocks Women's High Waist Denim Shorts with Pockets

stylish high waist shorts

The SweatyRocks Women's High Waist Denim Shorts with Pockets are ideal for those with smaller waists and thicker thighs, offering a flattering fit that accentuates your curves. These shorts are perfect for individuals looking for a stylish and comfortable option. While some users recommended sizing up for a better fit, others noted that the shorts ran smaller than expected, particularly causing issues with waist gaps.

Despite this, the quality of the fabric and denim was generally considered good, although a few users experienced problems with the front button. The shorts received mixed reviews overall, with some users finding them flattering and comfortable, while others struggled with the lack of stretch in the material, making the fit challenging for those with hourglass figures.

Best For: Individuals with smaller waists and thicker thighs seeking a stylish and flattering denim shorts option.


  • Flattering fit that accentuates curves.
  • Good quality fabric and denim.
  • Appreciated mid-thigh length.


  • Some users found the shorts to fit smaller than expected.

Angerella Denim Shorts for Women

stylish denim shorts for women

For those with thick thighs, contemplate the Angerella Denim Shorts for Women, featuring a loose fit in the legs and a comfortable design with button details to conceal the belly. The shorts are known to fit well and offer a comfortable experience, with users appreciating the stitched hem and the overall comfort they provide. Available in XXL size, these shorts cater to various body types, with users reporting good stretch despite some differences in color from the pictures. While not the highest quality, they're recommended for their flattering fit and slightly larger sizing. If you're looking for denim shorts that offer both style and comfort for thicker thighs, the Angerella Denim Shorts for Women could be a solid choice to contemplate.

Best For: Those with thicker thighs looking for comfortable denim shorts with a loose fit in the legs and belly-concealing button details.


  • Fits well and offers good stretch.
  • Comfortable design with stitched hem.
  • Flattering fit for various body types.


  • Lighter color than pictured.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Jean Shorts for Thick Thighs

When choosing jean shorts for your thick thighs, you should consider the sizing to make sure a comfortable fit. Pay attention to the waistband comfort and whether the shorts accommodate any thigh gap concerns you may have.

Opting for stretchy fabric can be beneficial, and don't forget to think about your preferred length that suits your style best.

Sizing for Thick Thighs

Consider sizing up your jean shorts for thick thighs to guarantee a comfortable and flattering fit that allows for ease of movement and flexibility. Choosing shorts with stretchy materials will help accommodate the curves of your thighs while providing the necessary flexibility.

Opt for mid-rise or high-waisted styles to guarantee the waistband from digging into your skin and causing discomfort. Make sure that the leg opening is wide enough to fit your thighs comfortably without being restrictive.

Adjustable or elastic waistbands can also offer a customizable fit that adjusts to varying thigh sizes. By sizing up and considering these factors, you can find jean shorts that not only fit well but also make you feel confident and comfortable.

Waistband Comfort

To guarantee comfort and a proper fit for your thick thighs, prioritize selecting jean shorts with a waistband that offers adequate support without digging in or causing discomfort.

Look for shorts with a higher waistband to prevent rolling or slipping down, especially for those with thicker thighs. Consider shorts with a stretchy waistband that can accommodate different body shapes and sizes, providing a more customized fit.

Avoid rigid waistbands that may cause discomfort or restrict movement, particularly if you have thicker thighs. Opt for jean shorts with adjustable waistbands or drawstrings for a customizable fit that can accommodate both your waist and thigh size.

Choosing a comfortable waistband is key to ensuring your jean shorts are flattering and comfortable for your body shape.

Thigh Gap Concerns

If you struggle with concerns about thigh gap, selecting jean shorts tailored to accommodate thicker thighs can enhance your comfort and confidence. Since thigh gap varies based on body shape and size, individuals with thicker thighs may find it challenging to find well-fitting jean shorts that don't cause discomfort or chafing.

The design and cut of the shorts play a vital role in how they fit around the thighs. Styles like high-waisted or those made from stretchy fabrics are often more accommodating to thicker thighs. Opting for jean shorts with a relaxed or straight leg fit can offer more room and comfort.

Considering factors like inseam length, fabric stretch, and overall silhouette can help address thigh gap concerns when selecting jean shorts for individuals with thicker thighs.

Stretchy Fabric Benefits

Struggling with concerns about thigh gap? Opt for jean shorts made from stretchy fabric to guarantee comfort and flexibility for your thicker thighs. The elasticity in the fabric allows for more freedom of movement and prevents the shorts from feeling too tight or restrictive around your thighs.

Materials like spandex or elastane blended with denim provide a better fit for varying body shapes, including those with thicker thighs. Jean shorts with stretchy fabric conform better to your body, reducing the chances of chafing or discomfort.

Length Preferences

Consider opting for a mid-thigh length when selecting jean shorts for thick thighs to guarantee adequate coverage and prevent chafing. This length is ideal as it provides enough fabric to prevent rubbing between the thighs while still allowing for a stylish and comfortable fit.

Additionally, longer inseams or Bermuda-style shorts can offer a chic alternative for those with thicker thighs. Look for shorts made from stretchy denim or fabric to ensure flexibility and a snug yet comfortable feel.

High-waisted styles can also be flattering, emphasizing the waist and creating a more elongated look for the legs.

Distressed Style Impact

Wondering how distressed denim shorts can work their magic on thick thighs? Distressed details like fraying and rips strategically placed can create a slimming effect by drawing attention away from the fullness of your thighs. Opt for distressed jean shorts with darker washes to achieve a more streamlined look compared to lighter options.

The edgy and casual vibe of distressed denim shorts not only diverts attention from thicker thighs but also adds a trendy element to your summer wardrobe. Look for distressing at the front of the thighs or near the hem to visually elongate and slim down the appearance of your thighs. Embrace the texture and visual interest that distressed denim shorts can offer to enhance your overall style.

Pocket Functionality

When selecting jean shorts for thick thighs, prioritize deep pockets that offer both style and practicality, ensuring a flattering silhouette without adding bulk. Look for jean shorts with functional pockets that can accommodate items without creating extra bulk around your thighs.

Opt for styles with secure pockets to keep your essentials safe and prevent them from falling out while you're on the move or sitting down. Avoid jean shorts with small or non-functional pockets, as they may contribute to an unflattering look on thicker thighs. Choose shorts with well-designed pockets that not only enhance the overall aesthetic but also provide functionality, adding to the appeal and usability of the garment.

Color Choices

Lighter wash denim shorts can offer a more casual and summery vibe, while darker wash denim shorts provide a polished and versatile option for various outfits, especially when choosing jean shorts for thick thighs.

When selecting colors for jean shorts, consider opting for shades like medium blue or black, as they tend to be more flattering and slimming. Darker colors can create a streamlined silhouette, helping to balance out the proportions of thicker thighs. Additionally, darker wash denim is known for its ability to hide imperfections and maintain its color over time, making it a practical choice for those with thicker thighs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Jean Shorts Mentioned in the Article Available in Plus Sizes?

Yes, the jean shorts mentioned in the article are available in plus sizes. They offer a range of sizes to make sure a comfortable fit for everyone. You'll find the perfect pair that flatters and provides comfort.

Do the Jean Shorts Have Stretch Material to Accommodate Thicker Thighs?

Sure thing! Stretchy shorts suit those with thicker thighs. Comfort and style intertwine in these shorts, ensuring a flattering fit. Ease and elegance embrace your curves, making you feel confident and comfortable all day long.

How Do the Jean Shorts Mentioned in the Article Hold up After Multiple Washes?

After multiple washes, the jean shorts maintain their shape and color well. The fabric doesn't shrink excessively, and the stitching remains intact. You'll find that the shorts still fit comfortably and look flattering even after several wash cycles.

Are There Any Recommendations for Styling the Jean Shorts for Different Body Types?

When styling your jean shorts for different body types, remember to play up your assets. Embrace high-waisted cuts for a flattering silhouette. Pair with a tucked-in blouse to highlight curves or a flowy top for balance.

Do the Jean Shorts Have Any Special Features, Such as a Tummy Control Waistband or Adjustable Drawstrings?

Looking for jean shorts with special features like a tummy control waistband or adjustable drawstrings? They can offer additional comfort and flexibility, perfect for days when you want extra support or a customizable fit. Check them out!