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3 Best M Lok Rail Covers to Upgrade Your Firearm Setup

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Struggling with an uncomfortable or less functional firearm setup? You're not alone. Many shooters find that the wrong rail covers can lead to discomfort or even hinder performance. This isn't just annoying; it can affect your shooting experience and accuracy.

From personal experience, I know how transformative the right accessories can be. Luckily, there's a way to upgrade your setup with the right M Lok rail covers. These covers can significantly improve both the comfort and functionality of your firearm.

Curious to find out which options could change your game? Stick around as we dive into three top picks that could be game-changers for you.

FestiKit Lightweight Ergonomic Polymer Rail, Pack of 12, Black

durable polymer rail pack

Looking for an affordable yet high-quality option for your M Lok rail cover needs? The FestiKit Lightweight Ergonomic Polymer Rail in a pack of 12 in black might be just what you're looking for. Users have reported that this rail cover fits, looks, and feels great, holding up well even under heavy use. It's well made and comparable to the more expensive Magpul brand, providing a solid grip on your M-lok rail while offering extreme comfort. Although some users mentioned having to grind an insert for a proper fit and noted that the grip may be slightly less than that of Magpul, overall satisfaction remains high. Many users have expressed their intention to repurchase, citing the great value for the price and the quality it offers as a compelling alternative to pricier brands.

Best For: Those looking for a cost-effective alternative to higher-priced rail covers without compromising on quality.


  • Fits, looks, and feels great.
  • Holding up well to heavy use.
  • Comparable to more expensive brands like Magpul.


  • May require grinding for proper fit.

Magpul M-LOK Rail Cover Type 2 Black

durable black rail cover

For those seeking a versatile and secure rail cover solution for their M-LOK aluminum hand guards, the Magpul M-LOK Rail Cover Type 2 Black stands out with its non-orientation specific design and enhanced grip texture. This low-profile, two-piece cover easily attaches to most M-LOK aluminum hand guards, offering a beveled contour to reduce snagging and featuring a TSP texture for improved grip. The cover protrudes just over 1/8 inch to maintain a sleek profile while providing excellent functionality. Additionally, the center locking tab can be customized by snapping off as needed, and the package includes six panels, each covering one M-LOK slot. With positive customer feedback praising its quality, grip, and ease of installation, the Magpul M-LOK Rail Cover Type 2 Black proves to be a popular choice for firearm enthusiasts.

Best For: Those looking for a durable and easy-to-install rail cover with enhanced grip for their M-LOK aluminum hand guards.


  • Non-orientation specific design for easy mounting in any direction.
  • Beveled contours to minimize snagging.
  • TSP texture for additional grip.


  • Slightly protrudes more than 1/8 inch, which may not be ideal for users seeking an ultra-low profile.

Magpul M-LOK Rail Cover Type 2 Olive Drab Green

olive drab green cover

When customizing your firearm setup with the Magpul M-LOK Rail Cover Type 2 in Olive Drab Green, you'll appreciate its low-profile design and versatile mounting capabilities. These two-piece covers are designed for most M-LOK aluminum handguards, allowing you to mount them in any direction without affecting functionality. The beveled contours reduce snagging, while the TSP texture provides a reliable grip. With a protrusion of slightly over 1/8 inch, these covers offer a sleek and low-profile appearance. Additionally, the center locking tab can be customized by snapping it off. This pack includes six panels, ensuring you have enough to cover your handguard effectively. The Olive Drab Green color matches other Magpul products and is readily available on Amazon for convenient purchase.

Best For: Those looking for a versatile and low-profile rail cover solution for their M-LOK aluminum handguards.


  • Versatile mounting in any direction without affecting functionality.
  • Beveled contours reduce snagging.
  • TSP texture provides a reliable grip.


  • Protrusion slightly over 1/8 inch may not suit all preferences.

Factors to Consider When Choosing M Lok Rail Covers

When choosing M Lok rail covers, consider the following factors:

  • The material options available
  • The color choices to match your setup
  • The grip texture for enhanced handling
  • The ease of installation method
  • Compatibility with your specific handguards.

Material Options

Consider the material options available when selecting M Lok rail covers to enhance the durability and grip of your firearm setup.

M Lok rail covers are typically crafted from materials like polymer, rubber, or textured plastic to maintain a balance between durability and grip. It's important to factor in the weight of the material to maintain the overall balance and maneuverability of your firearm.

Some materials offer superior heat resistance and insulation properties, which can be advantageous in high-temperature environments. Textured materials excel in providing enhanced grip and control during firearm handling in diverse conditions.

Choose a material that aligns with your preferences regarding comfort, aesthetics, and functionality for your M Lok rail system.

Color Choices

To enhance the overall aesthetics and camouflage capabilities of your firearm setup, consider the impact of color choices when selecting M Lok rail covers. Popular options like black, olive drab green, flat dark earth, and grey can match various gun finishes.

Think about the environment where you'll use your firearm; choose a color that blends in or stands out as needed. Some manufacturers offer color options to match their other accessories for a cohesive look.

Your personal preference and intended use should guide your decision. Whether you want a tactical appearance, blending with surroundings, or coordinating with other gear, the color of your M Lok rail covers can play a significant role in customizing your firearm setup.

Grip Texture

Enhance your firearm setup by evaluating the grip texture options available on M Lok rail covers to guarantee a secure and comfortable hold. The grip texture can range from smooth to textured, aiding in preventing slipping and enhancing weapon handling in various conditions.

Opting for a more aggressive grip texture can provide added control, particularly useful in wet or muddy environments. It's important to emphasize that different grip textures can impact comfort and ergonomics based on individual preferences and shooting styles.

Your choice of grip texture greatly influences the overall feel and performance of your firearm, so prioritize personal comfort and usability when selecting M Lok rail covers.

Installation Method

When selecting M Lok rail covers, make sure that you assess the installation method to guarantee a secure and convenient attachment to your firearm. Consider whether the covers use snap-in configurations or require direct mounting onto handguards. Some options may need tools for installation, while others can be easily attached by hand.

The method of installation can impact how well the rail cover stays in place during use. Different brands may offer unique features like customizable locking tabs or orientation-specific designs that affect installation. Understanding the installation process will help you choose the right rail cover based on your specific needs and preferences.

Compatibility With Handguards

Assess the compatibility of M Lok rail covers with your specific handguard's M Lok system to guarantee a proper fit and seamless integration. Check the dimensions and design of your handguard to make sure they align with the corresponding M Lok rail cover for a perfect match. Different handguards may vary in M Lok slot spacing and size, so selecting rail covers designed for your handguard model is essential.

This alignment prevents issues like misalignment, wobbling, or interference with other accessories. Before purchasing, verify that the M Lok rail cover specifications and features will securely attach to your handguard, maintaining the integrity of your setup without any compromises.

Customization Features

Consider the various customization features available when selecting M Lok rail covers to tailor your firearm setup to your unique preferences and needs. Look for options with snap-off tabs, multiple color choices, and various textures to enhance your customization potential. These features not only allow for personalization but also enable you to add attachments, adjust grip surfaces, and modify the appearance of the rail covers.

Price Comparison

To make an informed decision on M Lok rail covers, start by comparing prices from different brands to guarantee you get the best value for your budget. Look for sales, discounts, or bundle deals to save money on purchasing M Lok rail covers.

Consider the material, durability, and features offered by different M Lok rail covers in relation to their prices. Check online retailers, local gun shops, and specialty stores for competitive pricing on M Lok rail covers.

Keep an eye out for promotions, clearance sales, or seasonal offers to get M Lok rail covers at a lower cost. By weighing these factors, you can find affordable M Lok rail covers that meet your needs without compromising quality.

Durability and Wear

When selecting M Lok rail covers, prioritize durability and wear resistance by examining the materials used and the design features that enhance longevity and performance. Opt for high-quality materials like polymer or aluminum, as they can withstand heavy use and resist wear over time.

Look for covers with beveled contours or textured surfaces to reduce snagging and improve grip, enhancing overall reliability. Check user reviews for mentions of long-term durability and wear resistance to guarantee the cover maintains quality.

Evaluate the design and construction to see if it can withstand impacts, abrasions, and environmental factors without deteriorating. Consider the thickness and protective capabilities against scratches and dents to endure harsh conditions and maintain appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are M Lok Rail Covers Compatible With All Types of Firearms?

Certainly! M Lok rail covers are compatible with most firearms that have M Lok attachment points. They provide improved grip, heat protection, and customization options. Confirm to check compatibility with your specific firearm model for best fit.

Can M Lok Rail Covers Be Easily Installed by the Average Gun Owner?

Yes, M Lok rail covers can be easily installed by the average gun owner. Simply slide them onto the rail and secure them in place. This simple process allows for customization and added comfort when handling your firearm.

Do M Lok Rail Covers Affect the Weight or Balance of the Firearm?

When adding M Lok rail covers to your firearm, they may slightly impact weight and balance. Make sure you select covers that uphold a good balance for enhanced handling. Experiment with different covers to discover the right fit.

Are There Any Special Maintenance Requirements for M Lok Rail Covers?

When it comes to M Lok rail covers, they don't require any special maintenance. Just a quick wipe-down occasionally will keep them in top shape. Think of it like giving your favorite tool a little TLC.

Can M Lok Rail Covers Be Painted or Customized to Match the Color Scheme of the Firearm?

Yes, you can paint or customize M Lok rail covers to match your firearm's color scheme. Confirm proper surface preparation for adhesion. Use paint suitable for the material. Allow for drying time before handling. Personalizing your setup adds a unique touch to your firearm.