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3 Best Pickleball Paddles Under $100 for Winning Shots on a Budget

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Finding the perfect pickleball paddle without spending a fortune can be frustrating. Especially when you feel like the expensive ones might give you an edge on the court.

This struggle can make you feel like you're at a disadvantage, impacting your game and confidence. As someone who's been through the quest for affordable yet quality sports gear, I get it.

But here's the good news: there are high-quality pickleball paddles out there for under $100. These paddles can truly transform your game without draining your wallet.

Ready to up your game without splurging? Stick around to discover the top 3 budget-friendly paddles.

Pickleball Paddle with Carbon Fiber Surface and Polypropylene Core

high performance pickleball paddle features

For players seeking a professional-grade pickleball paddle at an affordable price, the Pickleball Paddle with Carbon Fiber Surface and Polypropylene Core is the ideal choice under $100. This paddle boasts a Carbon Abrasion Surface (CAS) with a 3K Raw Carbon Fiber Surface (CFS) for enhanced durability and spin. Its 16MM Polypropylene Lightweight Honeycomb Core provides excellent control and power during gameplay. The full control comfortable grip guarantees a secure hold, allowing you to focus on your shots with confidence. With a professional advanced racket size, this pickleball paddle by CZRR is suitable for players at the professional, advanced, and intermediate skill levels. If you're looking for a reliable paddle that offers both performance and quality without breaking the bank, this paddle is a top contender.

Best For: Players seeking a professional-grade pickleball paddle with enhanced durability and spin at an affordable price.


  • Carbon Abrasion Surface (CAS) and 3K Raw Carbon Fiber Surface (CFS) for enhanced durability and spin.
  • 16MM Polypropylene Lightweight Honeycomb Core for excellent control and power.
  • Full control comfortable grip for a secure hold during gameplay.


  • Some users may have preferences regarding grip size.

2024 SLK by Selkirk Pickleball Paddles

innovative pickleball paddle design

Featuring a lightweight design at 7.5oz and a large sweet spot with multilayer face technology, the 2024 SLK by Selkirk Pickleball Paddles cater to players seeking comfort and performance without breaking the bank. The SLK paddles boast a Multilayer face technology that combines Graphite and Fiberglass for durability and power. With an SX3 Honeycomb Core, these paddles offer a generous sweet spot for consistent shots. The Ultra-Cushion Grip thus provides a comfortable hold during intense matches. Ideal for beginners and intermediate players, the SLK Paddle Set includes 2 paddles, 4 balls, and a carry bag. Designed for both indoor and outdoor play, these paddles provide a balance of quality and affordability for pickleball enthusiasts.

Best For: Players looking for a lightweight and affordable pickleball paddle set with a comfortable grip and large sweet spot.


  • Lightweight design for reduced fatigue during play.
  • Multilayer face technology combining Graphite and Fiberglass for durability.
  • SX3 Honeycomb Core provides a large sweet spot for consistent shots.


  • Some users may find the included balls of average quality.

Pickleball Paddles Set of 4 with Balls, Towels, and Carry Bag

pickleball set with accessories

With its premium wood construction and complete set of accessories, the Sunlode Pickleball Paddles Set of 4 offers beginners and families a durable and enjoyable pickleball experience. The set includes 4 premium wood pickleball rackets, 4 pickle balls, 4 cooling towels, and a portable carrying bag.

Constructed with premium 9-ply linden wood, these paddles provide both durability and a power boost for your shots. The specially designed grip guarantees perfect ball strike feel, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor play. Customers have praised the quality, durability, and value of this set, recommending it for beginners due to its sturdy construction.

Enjoy a game of pickleball with this versatile and visually appealing paddle set, perfect for players of different skill levels and doubles play.

Best For: Families and beginners looking for a complete and durable pickleball set for enjoyable indoor and outdoor play.


  • Premium 9-ply linden wood construction for durability and power boost.
  • Specially designed grip for optimal ball strike feel.
  • Complete set with 4 paddles, 4 balls, cooling towels, and a carrying bag.


  • Cooling towels may not be as effective as expected.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Pickleball Paddles Under $100

When choosing pickleball paddles under $100, consider budget-friendly options, material quality, grip comfort, weight, balance, and performance for the price.

Make sure the paddle's materials meet your expectations and that the grip feels comfortable in your hand.

Budget-Friendly Paddle Options

Consider important factors like weight and grip size when selecting budget-friendly pickleball paddles under $100.

Opt for a paddle that feels comfortable in your hand and complements your playing style. While these paddles may not have the high-end materials of more expensive options, they still offer a good balance of power and control for recreational play.

Look for paddles made from wood or composite blends, as these materials help keep costs down without compromising performance. Make sure the weight of the paddle suits your preference, balancing maneuverability and power.

Additionally, choose a grip size that allows for a secure hold while also preventing hand fatigue during long matches. By focusing on these factors, you can find a quality paddle that enhances your game without breaking the bank.

Material Quality Comparison

For players seeking pickleball paddles under $100, evaluating the material quality is crucial in determining the right balance of affordability and performance.

Pickleball paddles in this price range often feature materials like wood, composite, or polymer. Composite paddles, incorporating materials such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, or graphite, offer a mix of strength and performance.

While wood paddles are budget-friendly, they might lack the durability and power found in composite paddles. Polymer core paddles provide a softer feel and quieter play, making them ideal for recreational or indoor settings.

Grip Comfort Level

To guarantee peak performance on the court with pickleball paddles under $100, paying attention to the grip comfort level becomes key for maintaining a secure hold and preventing hand fatigue.

When selecting a paddle, look for cushioned, non-slip grips that offer a comfortable feel and help absorb impact from ball hits. Grip size is important and varies based on hand size and playing style, so experimenting with different sizes is beneficial. A comfortable grip enhances control, accuracy, and overall performance, especially during long matches or intense rallies.

Materials like polyurethane or cushioned wraps can reduce strain on the hand and wrist, contributing to a better playing experience. Prioritizing grip comfort can have a significant impact on your gameplay and enjoyment on the pickleball court.

Weight and Balance

When choosing pickleball paddles under $100, the weight and balance play important roles in determining your gameplay experience. Pickleball paddles in this price range typically weigh between 6.9 and 8.5 ounces, offering a variety to suit different playing styles.

Balanced weight distribution can enhance your control, power, and maneuverability on the court. Opting for a lightweight paddle around 7.5 ounces can help reduce fatigue and enable quick reactions during intense rallies.

It's essential to take into account the grip size and handle length in conjunction with the paddle's weight for a comfortable and stable feel while playing. Additionally, the balance point of the paddle, whether head-heavy or evenly distributed, impacts how the paddle feels in your hand, influencing your playing techniques.

Performance for Price

Consider the value proposition when selecting pickleball paddles under $100, weighing factors like performance and affordability to match your playing needs. Paddles in this price range offer a good balance of performance and cost-effectiveness, suitable for recreational and beginner players. With materials such as wood, composite, or basic polymer cores, these paddles deliver decent playability without straining your budget.

When choosing, pay attention to the weight, grip size, and construction material to make sure the paddle aligns with your playing style and comfort preferences. While these paddles may lack advanced features, they still provide ample control, power, and durability for casual games. Seek out paddles that strike a good balance between weight and control to elevate your game while staying within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use a Pickleball Paddle With a Carbon Fiber Surface on All Types of Pickleball Courts?

When playing on various pickleball courts, you can use a paddle with a carbon fiber surface. This material offers excellent control and power, making it versatile for all court types. Verify it complies with regulations.

What Makes the 2024 SLK by Selkirk Pickleball Paddles Stand Out From Other Paddles in the Same Price Range?

When looking at the 2024 SLK by Selkirk pickleball paddles, you'll notice their unique blend of power and control sets them apart. The innovative design and quality construction make them a top choice in their price range.

Are the Pickleball Paddles in the Set of 4 Durable Enough for Regular Use?

Yes, those pickleball paddles in the set of 4 are durable enough for regular use. With proper care and maintenance, you can rely on them for consistent performance and enjoy your games without worrying about their durability.

What Are Some Additional Accessories Included in the Set of 4 Pickleball Paddles Besides Balls, Towels, and a Carry Bag?

When you get the set, you'll also find a rulebook, so you're all set to start playing right away. These extras can really enhance your game experience and help you learn the rules quickly.

How Can I Ensure That the Pickleball Paddle I Choose Under $100 Is the Right Fit for My Playing Style and Skill Level?

To guarantee the pickleball paddle under $100 fits your playing style and skill level, consider the weight, grip size, and material. Test a few paddles if possible. Look for reviews or seek advice from experienced players.