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Best wheated bourbons to buy in 2024

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Wheated bourbons have surged in popularity among whiskey aficionados and casual sippers alike, appreciated for their smoother and sweeter profile compared to their rye-based counterparts. These bourbons substitute wheat for rye grain in the mash bill, leading to a softer flavor that’s perfect for both neat pours and cocktails. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast looking to expand your collection or a newcomer curious to explore the nuances of wheated bourbon, this guide focuses on the best wheated bourbons on the market. From well-aged classics to innovative new releases, we’ve rounded up a selection that promises to delight your palate and perhaps introduce you to your new favorite sip.

1. Overall best wheated bourbons

Premium Winter Wheat Bourbon Whiskey Essence 5-Pack by Thousand Oaks Barrel Co. | Create Gourmet Flavored Spirits & Cocktails at Home | Ideal for Cooking & Mixers | Eco-Friendly Packaging | 20ml .65oz | Explore a Range of Bootleg Kit Refills & Essence Flavors

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The Winter Wheat Bourbon Whiskey Essence from Thousand Oaks Barrel Co. offers a unique experience for enthusiasts looking to craft their own flavored spirits at home. Utilizing Swish Barrel Premium Essence, this product is designed to replicate the flavors of high-quality spirit mash bills, allowing individuals to transform neutral spirits like vodka, moonshine, or grain alcohol into a beverage that rivals well-known bourbon brands. The essence boasts a special bourbon flavor, which is double distilled and fermented in cypress vats, creating a spicier taste profile with subtle notes of grains and oak. It is highly recommended for those aiming to achieve connoisseur-like tastes to age their spirits in an authentic Thousand Oaks Barrel, which enhances the flavor complexity due to accelerated aging. Furthermore, the product now features ECO Friendly Packaging, introducing soft pack leak-proof packaging that extends shelf life and prevents leakage, all while maintaining the essence’s robust flavor. The brand also offers a variety of other essence flavors for those interested in expanding their homemade spirit repertoire.

– Allows users to create high-quality bourbon-flavored spirits at home.
– Can mimic the taste of premium spirit mash bills effectively.
– Aging in a Thousand Oaks Barrel can add complexity and richness to the flavor.
– ECO Friendly Packaging prevents leakage and extends shelf life.
– Offers a wide range of other essence flavors for varied spirit making.

– Requires the purchase of a neutral spirit and potentially a mini aging barrel for optimal results, which could be additional costs.
– The aging process in a barrel might require patience and space, which might not suit everyone.
– Taste preferences are subjective; some might not find the final product indistinguishable from traditional brands.’